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Sep. 2nd, 2009

Just a reminder that my blog has moved to it's own domain:


Second credit!

I found out yesterday, but I sold another piece of short fiction - this one a flash fiction piece. Woot! Will let you all know more when the time comes. In the mean time here is the link to my first short story that is out now!


Last but not least, please be aware that my blog has moved from LJ and can be found here:


My first published fiction!

Well it's out and has been reviewed and yours truly is mentioned in the review. Woot! Here's the amazon link to get it for yourself and yes, I give out signatures :P



First fiction credit

It's just a zombie story. It's just a printed anthology. It's also at this point the planned lead story of that anthology! Woot! This will be my first fiction credit and I am really proud and excited about it.

Remember, I do most of my blogging on my own site now, but with something this cool, I had to share it here with ya'll.


New Blog Annoucement

I now have a new bog and web site, which you are all invited to come check out and of course subscribe to.



Validation and Peer Approval

I belong to a website/writers group that has tiers of membership. The first one becoming a full member, which you can apply for after a full month and 'x' number of posts and submission of one of your works for review by a select group of published writers, agents and editors. If you make the grain your accepted in; if not you are asked to resubmit after another month or two. In this particular writing group it is commonly known that it often takes two or three tries to get accepted as a full member. So you start off as a Registered Member, then a Full Member and then Full Member with Full Access.

Well, I got accepted on the first try with my first submission. Woot! Considering who sits on the panel for accepting or declining membership, this is a huge validation for me as a writer that the people who make descisions in the writing world and other published authors think well enough of my writing that I am allowed in da club.

The next and final step is full access. This next step requires 'x' amount of critiques and submissions and with the group for 3 months if I remember correctly. This full access if approved at that stage actually gets the opportunity to make pitches to certain literary agents who put the works of the club on top of other submissions in the slush pile. It is also furthers my own networking with agents, editors and fellow writers in my genre. It is the latter which is most important to me.

The Writing Life

Well, here I am about 6 weeks into this experiment of writing full time. So far, so good. I have written four short stories, 2 of which are "complete", the other 2 are in various drafts. In addition my publishing schedule for my non-fiction work is still on course of an article every other week. Then there have been several story ideas put down with potential, including a fantasy trilogy.

I am at a point now that I am working on a Platform. An Author's Platform to be percise. It's basically getting known and bringing about a readship base and establishing yourself in your particular field of writing. So, sometime this month - most likely near the end of it, I will be launching a website and blog with my own perosnal domain.

So far I will be having:

- An article history link page
- A blog
- Photo Album
- Links to things I write about
- Bio
- Short stories that I write
- Book and story reviews
- Links to publications where I have sold my work
- Articles about things I write about and perhaps write myself

I am thinking about going along the lines of "Samuel J. Guss, exploring uncertainty" and will probbaly be the name of my Blog there. I will more than likely keep this blog as well but at a more personal level I guess; which means I suppose I am still trying to figure out where or what my other web identities will be, including LiveJournal here and MySpace.

Anyway, plan is looking like I will get things started on my own domain here about mid-month with the aim to be able to publish it by the end of the month (i.e. have something on the pages lol). This is all part of my platform. My platform will most likely be tied to:

- My blog
- My Website
- My non-fiction articles
- Essays and Short Stories to share vs publishing traditionally (but only some)
- In April(?) become a member of The Speculative Literature Foundation
- Once I have a professional SF reference, become a member of SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America)
- Traditional published short stories
- Continue my involvement at Litopia and perhaps another writing organization/group

Last but not least, I made my writing goals for February - yay!!

For March my goals are:

- Complete 2 short stories (final drafts)
- Write 2 short stories
- Submit 2 articles
- Submit 2 fiction works (contest or paid publishing)
- Setup my domain website
- Begin the new blog over on my domain
- Cleanup/work on what presence I have here at LJ and over at MySpace
- Begin work on one of my novel ideas (BTW I am stoked; in the oven now are 5 novel ideas that I have done at least preliminary story outlines for)

Update on writing life

3 short stories are in the oven. 1 is fully done and ready for publication and 2 more in between first and final drafts. I am hopeful I will finish both off this month.


Yeah, well, so...

Company downsized, the owner let me go. Sucks.

He is letting me bring ina  letter of recommendation - anything I want and will sign it though.

Was purely a business down-sizing descision. Still sucks.

Looking for work in the b'ham area so if you hear of anything, let me know.

A Tough Descision

My normal routine when I get home from work is to relax with Hearthwitch, eat some dinner and watch some TV and then put her to bed. Afterwards I normally will go online and play Eve, then in the wee hours either watch some more TV, surf the internet, read, or a combination of all of this.

Starting tonight though I am going to change my plan after I put Hearthwitch to bed. I am going to write first - 3,000 words per week night before I settle down to play Eve. I may still go on for a few minutes to skill flip, but my playing time I am going to put off until after I have written 3,000 words.

I have a dream of being a fiction writer and I need to start taking serious steps towards that - and putting off my game time during the week until later will help me accomplish this.

So mote it be.